Student Success Services


The Student Success Services provides students with assistance in many areas. Those students with documented disabilities can be given accommodations based on their disability, for example,  extra time on tests for students with learning disabilities, closed caption videos for deaf students, large print texts for visually impaired students, etc.

Other students who just need help with basic study skills, organizational strategies, reading, writing, and/or mathematics can meet one-on-one with tutors throughout the semester. All PIU students can participate in the tutor-led study sessions for quizzes and exams. Our tutors are also qualified to teach research skills and give guidance with the writing of academic essays and research papers.

We are here to serve the student body of PIU so that they can be successful in all of their classes.

The Student Success Center Offices are located in the PIU Library.

Hours of operation are sent out via email each week.

Contact Ms. Kyndra Archenbronn, the Student Success Services Director, if you need assistance at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can receive accommodations?

A: Accommodations can be given to students with documented accessibility needs that interfere in the following areas: reading, thinking, writing, seeing, hearing, listening, walking, etc

Q: What are the types of accommodations available?

A: The types of accommodations and/or academic services that are available include the following: 

  1. Extended test time
  2. Copies of notes or PowerPoints
  3. Closed Captioning
  4. Help with ordering audio or large-print textbooks
  5. Test Readers
  6. Reduced Distraction Testing
  7. Study Groups 

Q: How can you receive individual tutors?


  1. Present written documentation of your disability from your physician or counselor on professional letterhead during the admission process or to the Student Success Services Director once you have been admitted.
  2. Meet with the Student Success Services Director once the documentation has been verified to discuss the accommodations needed.
  3. Each semester, email the Student Success Services Director the classes for which you will be needing accommodations, and then a letter stating the accommodations will be emailed to each of your professors.